*Stem and hose handle only kit* (Vendor forgot to send silicone hose - expecting hose arrival 11/9)


This new Russian hookah brings a fresh new take on the Jetpack concept. The Jetpack hookah offers a variety of options to the draw of the hookah; with a built in diffuser that allows you to unscrew for a wide draw or keep it in for a more restricted draw.

The body of the stem is twisted for a hypnotic look that captures your eye with its vibrant color options.

The hose port is placed on the heart of the hookah, unlike other designs this one is more linear.

The purge is what give it the Jetpack feel, when you blow out, the hookah looks like its about to take flight. 



  • Removable diffuser
  • Invisible purge
  • Hose handle

Jetpack Hookah