HookahFruits™ is the next generation of Hookah/ Shisha smoking, which provide the highest quality, healthiest and superior replacement of Tobacco with “Fruits for Smoking” products.


HookahFruits™ offer the same extensive range of flavours that current tobacco products provide.


The best quality fruits are picked, and after our unique processing, they are transformed into an ideal replacement for harmful Tobacco. A unique and genuine experience of Hookah/ Shisha will enter a new and healthier era.


We have replaced dry and unhealthy Tobacco with natural, fresh, tasty fragment fruits on top of the Hookah/ Shisha bowl. The good news is that this is not only imagination. With HookahFruits™, an excellent new experience is now available.


  • Fresh, high-quality and flavoured fruits to replace dry Tobacco in your Hookah/ Shisha
  • HookahFruits™ products come from the heart of nature without any harmful chemicals
  • It contains fresh fruits and natural ingredients with no Tobacco, no Tar and no Nicotine
  • Using fresh fruits instead of dry and harmful Tobacco in Hookah/ Shisha brings unique, enjoyable calmness without unnecessary headaches
  • HookahFruits™ products prolong hookah smoking for 3 hours
  • A new method which is creative and unique to this ancient tradition



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