*Stem and hose handle only kit*


We produce designer hookahs made of stainless steel and aluminum with an individual catchy appearance and light traction.
Each hookah is equipped with a removable hi-tech diffuser for quiet operation and a purge system vertically upwards.


Features of the Cyberpipe Mines

1. Appearance: the only triangular shaped hookah saucer in the world will definitely not leave you without attention of others !;
2. Bright, rich colors of our mines will complement the image of a stylish modern hookah !;
3. Removable diffuser for easy traction;
4. The flask purge system is designed so that blowing occurs instantly, and smoke tends vertically up the shaft;
5. Durability: we use only the highest quality materials to create our mines, such a hookah will last you a very long time!


Any of our hookahs are included in the package.

1. Hookah shaft made of stainless steel and duralumin, painted by the method of multi-colored splash anodizing;
2. Stainless steel saucer;
3. Stainless steel mouthpiece;
4. A set of seals for the bowl and flask;
5. Silicone hose Soft Touch.

CyberPipe (RU)